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Russian Empire

Medal in memory of the coronation of Alexander III

Russian Empire
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
The original.

Dark bronze, stamping. A diameter of 29 mm.


Preservation is satisfactory, the lost eye, the image of the crown scratches.


Medal "In commemoration of the coronation of Emperor Alexander III" — commemorative medal of the Russian Empire to reward individuals who were related to the coronation of Alexander III. Alexander III was crowned on may 15, 1883 at the assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin after more than two years after the actual soshestvija to the throne (2 March 1881). The medal was established on 12 may 1883 by Emperor Alexander III. June 3, 1881 it endorses the picture of the coin. The procedure was approved two decrees: from 3 November 1883, and from may 4, 1884 (the second decree concerned the awarding officials of the military Department). The right to wear the medal was granted to persons involved in the preparation, organization and protection of the coronation of Alexander III, and was present at the coronation. The medal was supposed to the following categories of citizens:

      • The Minister of internal Affairs, Directors of police Department, General Affairs Department and the Department of spiritual Affairs of foreign confessions

      • All the ranks of the Ministry of the Imperial court;

      • The composition of the coronation Commission, generals, Ober - and staffs - officers of the detachment of the coronation, court, participated in the coronation, the ranks of the retinue of the Imperial Majesty;

      • Moscow Governor-General and his office Manager, Moscow Governor and Vice-Governor;

      • Moscow mail-the Director, the ranks of the Moscow General post office and the postmen, according to the discretion of the Minister of internal Affairs;

      • The office of the Imperial main headquarters;

      • Ranks of the key departments of the Ministry of defence;

      • Ranks, military and civilian, were giving out the tickets and responsible for the control of coronation;

      • Ranks guarding the ceremony of the coronation:

      • Ranks of Moscow and St. Petersburg gendarmerie;

      • Offices Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Warsaw and Kharkiv police;

      • Sent to the assistance of the police forces;

      • Ranks, which disposed of the main head of the Imperial guard in Moscow;

      • The individuals involved in the protection of the Emperor on the appointment of the Moscow Governor-General and the Moscow chief of police;

      • All ranks guarding the coronation train on the route of Alexander III in Moscow;

      • The commanders of military units, chief of which was Alexander III;

      • Chamber-pages and pages of special classes, as well as the officers who was with them;

      • Officers and cadets of the Alexander military school, the officers and cadets of the Moscow cadet corps, who were in the ranks and prisutstvovavshih at the triumphal entry and coronation procession in the halls of the Grand Kremlin Palace;

      • All the deputies from the Cossack troops;

      • All those present at the coronation of parish elders, the representatives of the nationalities of the Russian Empire, their translators and their accompanying persons;

      • All those present at the coronation of officials and priests;

      • All the lower ranks of the coronation detachment

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