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Russian Empire

The book "the Prize-winning watches in the Russian Imperial army"

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for the First time the reader has the opportunity to meet with poorly known until the former tradition of rewarding soldiers of the Russian Imperial army prize for hours for various achievements in the service: in competitive shooting and for the best shooting rifle, revolver, machine gun; in dressage, jumping, cutting and fencing; in the exploration, sports, training recruits, and excellent mastery of martial disciplines. On the basis of orders and archival documents in the book can be traced, as silver and gold watch in the first half of the NINETEENTH century was presented as an Imperial gift of higher commanders, and then, by the beginning of XX century became independent, relatively affordable reward total reward system of the lower ranks of the Russian army, which stimulated the development of military art and sport. The wonderful illustrations are reflected in the diverse world of the silver hours as the visible evidence of the outstanding qualities of their owners - speed, power, accuracy, skill, endurance, excellent eye, in a word, all those skills that give you the right to be called a great soldier. As the application price lists, checklists and descriptions of watches and related goods manufacturers prize hours. The book represents today the most complete compilation of information on the topic that will be practically useful for antique dealers, collectors, Museum professionals, and those interested in the history of the Russian army.

Author: A.I. Vilkov, 2004 - 112 pages - black. and b/W Illus. - 215 x 280 mm - TV. region - maloma.

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