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Photos of officiersRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Photo of ensign of artillery V. F. Godlewski and his wife, 1916 – 1917

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Russian Empire
1916-1917 gg
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
Dating:1916-1917 gg
The original.

The original picture postcard format in good condition. The photo shows the ensign of artillery, recently graduated from a crash course in military school. Warrant officers-gunners often wore the uniform of the artillery special characters, at least without numbered or lettered cipher, in order to differ from that of officers of infantry. Coat improved the soldiers ' cloth, made-to-order – fashion wartime. Another difference between artillery and engineering troops from other combat weapons – red edging along the edge of the collar of his cloak. Her presence is all the more interesting that greatcoat valves, of course, not velvet, and cloth, probably khaki. The wearing of coloured caps in peacetime with the crown "Royal colors" and the black velvet band – the undoubted imitation of the personnel of the artillery officers. To identify the person depicted is possible by signing on the reverse, which is made although the new spelling, but judging by the handwriting and the ink, not later than the 1950s, However, the name of the character is often read as "Godawski" that is not true. According to the Handbook of S. V. Volkov, Vladimir F. Godlewski was born 19 Oct 1896 in Lepel, Vitebsk province in the family of official. He graduated from high school, he studied at St. Petersburg University and the Institute of engineers of ways of communication, but training not done. In 1916 he graduated from a crash course in the Sergievsky artillery school (Odessa), promoted to ensign, then to second Lieutenant. He served in the 1st separate artillery division (apparently, one of the lettered, but the data of the letter has not survived). Participated in the Civil war from July 1918 in the white troops of the Eastern front in Samara. He was chief when the battery of the 4th artillery division personnel on March 10, 1919 – Junior officer of the 2nd field heavy artillery battalion. In December 1919 he was taken prisoner near Krasnoyarsk. According to some information, served in the red army. In 1923 consisted in a special account of the GPU. Fate is unknown. Very rare photos from the attributed character, a member of the Civil war. The guarantee of authenticity.

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