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Photos of officiersRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Photos of ensign 19th Caucasus regiment

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Russian Empire
1915 – 1917
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
Dating:1915 – 1917
The original.

the Russian Empire, 1915 – 1917 On the breast of the officer visible sign of the Tiflis military school, approved February 27, 1915 – Golden wreath, inside which a reduced image of the cross «For service on the Caucasus" on the background radiance, even with in the days of Emperor Nicholas I, the former an integral part of the symbolism of the military schools, with the monogram of the founder of the school – Grand Prince Mikhail Nikolayevich and the acronym TFWU. In the first world war because of the catastrophic shortage of officers most military schools have moved on a crash course. Graduates of this course were produced not the sub-Lieutenant, in a time of peace, and the ensign, however, had a utility advantages over the ensigns, made from oleodinamica. In the imitation of personnel officers hair freshly baked ensign combed, to contemporaries, «eternal indestructible officer's parting"; however, skill wearing such hairstyles I don't have it, so her hair had to fix it with the help of a thick layer of grease. It is interesting to note that the officer is not armed Caucasian sword, officially proclaimed the officers of all parts of the Caucasian military district, and omeopatiche the checker pattern in 1909, Ephesus with a distinctive pattern is visible on the left side is depicted. While it only known case wearing «Caucasian" abiotically checkers; selection strange Caucasian weapons, rule, was better decorated, had a higher quality blades and cost is significantly cheaper. Young ensign, probably a big buck, and so ordered from the tailor is not authorized protective coat, and French latest fashion of wartime; in the cut which is apparent as British (shape breast pockets) and French (sleeve valves) influence. Very interesting detail of the image – the shoulder straps, again in fashion military time taken from the hard liners and sewn on the entire perimeter, , sometimes expressed, «tightly". Draws on the attention of the relief pattern of the lace, it is made most likely in the one of local workshops. Encryption 19 K denotes 19th Caucasian infantry regiment. At this letter numbers, and an asterisk are embroidered with gold thread, for wartime is a fairly rare exception. Obviously, the officer comes from a wealthy family, about the shows extremely expensive and at this reason, it is extremely rare Mat, covered with a cloth. Size 180*235mm with subject to the Mat. A great acquisition in the collection true connoisseurs.

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