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Photos of soldiersRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Photo holder of two CC - Sergeant Siberian line battalions

Russian Empire
late 1900 - ies.
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
Dating:late 1900 - ies.
The original.

Original photo postcard format. Character photo wearing a double-breasted six buttons army infantry uniform of the sample in 1907 the Uniforms of this type were instructed to build for the lower ranks from the period of 1909, but in some parts they came into use in 1908 Braid on the collar and cuffs was rated the non-commissioned officers, broad transverse galuna stripe denotes the rank of Sergeant. By the end of the 1900s, sergeants major are usually recruited from among the ensigns, but in this case, the non-commissioned officer apparently did not take the exam for the title – stitched along the shoulder strap wide lace, assigned to the ensigns, was missing. Previously, the character took part in the fighting, as indicated by two insignia of the Military order (St. George cross) and the medal for the campaign in China and in the memory of the Russo-Japanese war of 1904 – 1905 (after the first and second crosses respectively). Sergeants major, unlike other infantry, armed in the same way as officers sword and revolver. In 1910, all surviving Siberian line battalions (formed in the 1880s) was transformed into the Siberian infantry regiments. However, the colors of the uniforms – red band, revolving cord and edging uniform with light blue shoulder straps – clearly indicate that the picture was taken prior to the reformation, 1908 – 1910 (the arrow had a dark green band in crimson uniform and edgings). Most line battalions were stationed in remote areas of Eastern Siberia and the Far East, where notions of discipline were much more free than in European Russia. In particular, draw attention to themselves "relaxed" manner of wearing uniforms and not tightened until the end of the waist belt (the latter not the army, and the Cossack pattern, black leather with a distinctive curved buckle). On the side of the uniform, released the chain from a pocket watch with a badge. Photo orders of Siberian line battalions are extremely rare. The guarantee of authenticity.

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