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Photo equipment artillery Leonid Pavlovich Magnus

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This photo originally, apparently, belonged to the album of an artillery officer, the Chevalier St. George arms B. G. Verzhbilovich; such a conclusion we sat on the basis of the identity of handwriting, which signed pictures with captions to other photos on which there is Verzhbilovich.

The cool technique depicts artillery, provincial Secretary A. P. Magnus, whose duties in the signature are marked very clearly and concisely – "the gun doctor". Cool artillery technicians, specializing in the repair of artillery weapons and materiel, prepared a special educational institution – Technical school of the Artillery Department. After graduation, they receive the rank, but belonged not to the officers, and military officials. Their uniforms were similar to the officers, but differed in some details. Thus, the collars of the uniform and greatcoat of his coat had black velvet and dark green cloth, but with red edgings. Buttons were identical to the officer. On a narrow uniform civil sample stars were located in a line along the lumen. The official dressed in a coat sewn by the cut officer's coats, but of the cheaper cloth (so-called soldier's superior). On the edge of the collar of his overcoat, as in the whole of the artillery, with red edging. Equipment – omeopatiche sample 1912, To the right shoulder belt is fastened the cord of the revolver on the left is wearing a sheath with a whistle, right at the waist – box with binoculars. In addition, a separate shoulder strap is wearing an officer's bag for technical documentation, namely, in the conduct of artillery equipment was a lot (so, on each gun had its own form). Checker – abioticheskikh sample. On the hilt can be seen the monogram of Alexander III, therefore, the owner of the weapon received the first officer or the rank no later than 1894 To pictured in this case can not, therefore, the sword inherited from someone from relatives. To third from the top on the left side button overcoat strapped electric torch. Stack with handle in the form of a horse's hoof is not only a fashion war, but also a necessary thing for a person in the service forced many to move on top, but with insufficient knowledge of horsemanship. Artillery technicians in the army riding horses relied on staff so that they are able to follow your battery; this is also evidenced by the spurs on the boots of the character. A very rare character. Size 65*120 mm Guarantee of authenticity.

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