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Russian Empire

Photo of the corporal and privates W..th local team RIA

Russian Empire
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
The original.

the Russian Empire, circa 1914 To carry garrison, guard and various kinds of auxiliary service in those places not quartered large military units, and for servicing the needs of the military departments chiefs (similar to the current military offices) in the structure of the Russian army in the late XIX – early XX centuries there existed a small (numbering less company military unit, called the local teams. In their the title must indicate the city where the team was located. Outfit them it was standard infantry pattern, collar and the shoulder – in color and the uniform, the edging on the red uniforms. Encryption on uniform 1901 consisted of the first letter of the city name and the letters M shoulder straps pictured are visible the letters S. M. In the beginning of the twentieth century, the local team had to five cities of the Russian Empire with the names beginning with W: Shadrinsk, Shenkursk, Shamakhi, Shostka and Shusha. To unfortunately, any additional geographical reference is missing and because finally determine the location impossible. A unique feature of this shot is in another. If the member (right) encryption fully authorised, corresponding to the order of № 228 may 30, , 1911,  standing to the left of the corporal epaulettes decorated with the whole artistic composition, whimsical pattern which one can hardly read the letters W and M, distant from the authorized by the same is supplemented with the image of the Imperial crown. The breast of the brave corporal decorated with the medal in memory of the 300 anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, waist belt, custom order patent leather. No no doubt that on the photo is old-timer «guy" with their wards – a young soldier; the last jubilee medal is missing, so he is not previously, the late autumn 1913 and, thus, the picture was taken not prior to 1914. In a provincial town, far from the vigilant eye of the highest chiefs and the adjutant commandant cleared the imagination seniors he does not been threatened. Although this form of embellishment regularly meet at the photo years, however, nothing even remotely similar to the data epaulettes us to see had. Recommended!

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