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Arm patch of the Kriegsmarine Marine Artillery Mechanic

142 $
end 1930 - x-beginning 1940 - x yy
The original.
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142 $
Dating:end 1930 - x-beginning 1940 - x yy
The original.

Metal, gilding, polishing, cloth. The original Navy specialist armband is in excellent collector's condition. It was intended to be worn on a blue dress uniform. A rare version with a metal overlay. Guarantee of authenticity.


This type of specialist badge was installed in the German Navy in 1937. A badge with the base color of the uniform was sewn between the elbow and shoulder and indicated the rank and service to which this sailor belongs. In total, there were more than 40 specialties in the Kriegsmarine. On the white uniform, the specialty badge was embroidered with blue threads. Below the service stripe, a chevron in the form of a check mark was often sewn, denoting the corporal rank of a sailor. Below the special badge was worn (but not always) a patch that defined the specific specialty and qualification (class) of a sailor or a junior non-commissioned officer. They were embroidered with red thread on oval flaps of dark blue or white colors, depending on the color of the uniform. The number of types of these stripes reached 50. Below the main image, they could have a single, double or triple corner chevron, embroidered with the same thread. Its purpose was to indicate the qualification of this specialist, which was considered the highest in the presence of a triple chevron. Sometimes there could be two different specialist stripes on one sleeve, sometimes none. 

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