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Dirk command staff of the national socialist youth organization "Hitler youth" arr. 1937

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The original.
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26 040 $
The original.
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Общая длина: 400 мм.
Длина клинка: 260 мм.
Ширина клинка у пяты: 19 мм.


Country: , Germany
Dating: 1937-1942,
Brands: base of the blade: «RZM M7/36» - the stamp of the code German manufacturer «E. & F. Hörster», Solingen. The company was founded in 1850, registered in 1872. Specialized in the production of fighting swords and bayonets, and decorated with blades, until the end of the 2nd world war. During the 2nd world war, especially a lot has released bayonets arr. 1884/98, for Example, in 1943 over 450,000.

Size: total length: 400 mm; blade length: 260 mm; width of blade: 19 mm

Description: the Blade, straight, flat, hexagonal, two-edges, no valleys, without heels, polished, on the blade from the front side the label is «Blut und Ehre!  - "Blood and Honour!». The wooden handle, oval, conical, tightly wrapped twisted silver wire. The head of the handle of the cylindrical, above the emblem of the youth organization of the "the Hitler youth». The lower conical nut, with a longitudinal groove. Spider flat, in the form of a strongly elongated and cut edges of the oval on the perimeter decorated with ornament "twisted rope». The ends crosses slightly bent upward. Leather strip under the crosshair is recessed into the notch in the cross. The sheath metal, covered with dark-blue, almost black. The device of a sheath made of white metal and consists of the mouth, nuts and tip. At the top there is a relief image of an eagle with a swastika on his chest. The device of the sheath is decorated with ornament "twisted rope». On the mouth and nut are moving rings for attaching straps of the harness.

the State of preservation: subject is in good collection status, loss Nickel coating on the device of the sheath and hilt.

background: Dirk wore only officers of the command staff of the youth organization "the Hitler youth» in the period 1937-1942, the Domain cannot be purchased, they are only awarded during a special ceremony, presenting it in a leather pouch with a special document «URKUNDE. 

Note! This lot presents our European partners. Delivery to the Russian Federation - January 2014 after 100% prepayment.


The base of the blade: "RZM M7/36" — the German code mark of the manufacturer "E. & F. Hörster", Solingen.


Item is in good collectible condition, loss of the Nickel coating on the device sheath and the hilt.


Firm "E. & F. Hörster", Solingen was founded in 1850, registered in 1872. Specialized in the manufacture of military edged weapons and bayonets with blades, until the end of the 2nd world war. During the 2nd world war especially many issued bayonets. 1884/98, for Example, for 1943 more than 450000.


The Dirk was worn only by the officers of the youth organization "Hitler Jugend" during the period of 1937-1942, the Cutlass could not be bought, only awarded during a special ceremony, presenting it in a leather case with the special document "URKUNDE".

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