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The dirk of the command staff of the German Red Cross of the 1938 model

3 375 $
1938-1944 years.
The original.
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3 375 $
Dating:1938-1944 years.
The original.

Общая длина без ножен: 369 мм.
Длина клинка: 250 мм.
Ширина клинка у пяты: 27.5 мм.
Длина ножен: 265 мм.


The blade is steel, straight, double-edged, of rhombic cross-section, without lobes, smoothly tapering to the tip, nickel-plated, with a massive rectangular fifth. The handle is plastic, oval, barrel-shaped, orange in color, with transverse grooves. The handle head is oval, conical, rounded. The head is attached to the shank of the blade using a countersunk nut with two slots. The crosspiece is cast, in the form of two rectangles of different sizes located on top of each other with rounded ends. The crosspiece is decorated with longitudinal grooves. Oval medallions are located on the crosspiece on both sides. On the front medallion there is a stylized image of the emblem of the German Red Cross. The medallion on the back is smooth. There is an oval pad of thick leather under the crosspiece. The scabbard is steel, nickel-plated, with a dotted background. The device consists of a thin mouth, two embossed smooth nuts and a smooth small tip. On the nuts there are two square rings with square holes for the belts of the belt belt.


the item is in good collectible condition. Traces of corrosion on the scabbard. Minor surface corrosion marks on the tip of the blade. Traces of existence on Ephesus. 


The German Red Cross DRK (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) was organized under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior and represented a volunteer organization supported by the State, whose goal was to provide assistance to the civilian population. Ordinary members of the organization, and they were both men and women, worked for free. The bosses were on a salary and wore a special uniform. The emblem of the organization contained a widespread image of the red cross, which, in turn, was placed in the paws of a stylized eagle with a fascist swastika.

In February 1938, a cleaver was established for junior employees of the German Red Cross with the rank from Heifer to Haupthelfer. According to an international agreement, Red Cross workers were not allowed to carry assault weapons. Therefore, the point of the cleaver was made of a chopped rectangular shape. The metal scabbard was painted black. The total length of the cleaver was 40 cm . The suspension was made of black (sometimes brown) leather and was similar to the suspension used for bayonet knives. A lanyard is not provided. The main companies producing cleavers for the Red Cross were the enterprises of Robert Klaas (Robert Klaas) and Luneschloss (P. D. Luneschloss). The production of cleavers was stopped in 1940.

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