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The book A.N. Kulinsky "German edged weapons", 2-so, the NEW PRICE!

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the Author is chief curator of the Military historical Museum of artillery, engineer and signal corps (S. Petersburg), one of the leading specialists on the history of cold steel and fire arms XVIII-XX centuries full-colour reference book continues to acquaint readers with the history of German edged weapons. It greatly exceeds the volume of the previous work of the author on the subject and covers all periods of German history - the time of the Holy Roman Empire, the period of the unification of the state of the German Empire, the time of the 1st World war, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, the Second world war, post-war and contemporary Germany.

this edition presents new material on stamps that nezmoniska will be very valuable information for determination of weapons. German swords, Canary, spades, espadron, halberds, protasans, spontoni, klevety, axes, daggers, swords, broadswords, swords, cutlasses, daggers, knives, bayonets - description of all of this and more makes this book the most complete for the moment, the number of samples guidance on the attribution of long-bladed German weapons. In addition to detailed descriptions of the samples shown the book contains a fascinating article about the German States and their armed forces, the history of separate kinds of the German swords and bayonets, terminological dictionaries review article about the production of cold steels in Germany's history, valuable information about companies, masters and brands over the years, and much more.

A.N. Kulinsky, 2007, volume 1 - 400 pages, volume 2 - 384 p. - 200 x 260 mm - km. Fig. - chalk. paper.

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