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A set of black uniforms and equipment of the tanker Wehrmacht, 1943-45 gg

1943-45 gg
The original.
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Dating:1943-45 gg
The original.

Germany, 1943-45, are Extremely rare and almost full set of ordinary tank units of the Wehrmacht in amazing collection status. Kit includes:


1. Jacket ordinary tank units of the Wehrmacht. Originally covered with badges. Dimensional stamp on the lining. 1943. Unworn, perfect condition.

2. The cap lower ranks tank units of the Wehrmacht. Originally covered with badges. On the stamp size 54,5. Unworn, perfect condition.

3. Pants tank units of the Wehrmacht. Full completion. On the inner parts of the press at the ankles small gusts from wearing. Excellent condition.

4. Strap lower ranks of the Wehrmacht. Length 105 see the Mark on the strap buckle 1940. The mark at the toe strap «D & C.

5. Holster for pistol Walter R. The mark of the manufacturer and the date of production of 1941. All stitched original. Excellent condition.

6. Headphones tank, the Wehrmacht. Rubber and leather in excellent condition. The Mark Dfh.b. Excellent condition.

7. A throat microphone tank, the Wehrmacht. Buttons and switches work. The mark (Fu)b and stamp of military acceptance. Excellent condition.

8. Binoculars tank h with the case. Optics clean. The mark on the closure case frn42. The mark on the binoculars bmj, D.F. h. Binoculars in rare late sandy color. Excellent condition.

9. A sign for a tank battle in silver. The mark AWS. Excellent condition.


the Rarest set Panzer uniforms of the Wehrmacht. In such configuration is almost absent. Guaranteed original.

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