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Cap artillery officer attached to the mountain-hunter parts of the Wehrmacht

2 748 $
the late 1930's – early 1940-ies
The original.
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2 748 $
Dating:the late 1930's – early 1940-ies
The original.

Original and very rare peaked cap is in very good collectible condition. Cloth. Fittings, metal. Under the eagle pinned the emblem of the mountain-Jaeger units of the Wehrmacht (Edelweiss). Edging on the top and bottom sides and on the top is red, which corresponds to the artillery. Shaped cap was worn as military of all ranks and administrative personnel. She was ordered to wear the officers and non-commissioned officers everyday uniform, and officers are not in the line of duty, with an output shape of the garment. She had (all grades) gray top color, dark blue-green rim and black shiny visor. Other details of the cap depended on the rank and position of its bearer. Band with piping but kind of troops (kantawala was also the junction of the stems and crown) – of dark-green cloth. The edge of the cap under the band width of about 5 mm in the color of the top; the bottom – not round, but ovoid in shape with a constriction is found. Well stretched the spring cap has a distinctive sheer with raised crown. When you remove the spring the edges slightly sagged, which gives the hat a kind of elegance. Fiberboard visor – correct circular shape with a rim around the outer edge. Above the canopy two 12 mm buttons with mounting legs fastened made of silver aluminum harness double cord – "have truncal", with the adjusting movable wicker nuts. Lost Cellulosa tag manufacturer what appeared to be a rather common defect at that time. A beautiful object from the old collection of national, guarantee of authenticity!

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