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Commemorative brass plate of the Legion "Condor"

1 042 $
The 1930-ies
The original.
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1 042 $
Dating:The 1930-ies
The original.

Brass, casting. The diameter of 200 mm. On the plate bearing the image of the falling mines and the eagle, and the inscription in a circle "LEGION CONDOR * 2./K. 88" Legion Condor, and the designation of the unit — bomber air group (3-4 Staffel). The state of preservation is good. The guarantee of authenticity.


Legion, which operated in Spain from October 1936, consisted of a bomber regiment (initially 3, then 4 squadrons) fighter regiment (initially 3, then 5 squadrons), reconnaissance squadron, battalion, antiaircraft artillery battalion, a transport battalion and a supply battalion. The number of aircraft in the Legion did not exceed 150 at the same time. First, in service of the Legion was a three-engine bombers Ju-52 and fighter-biplane He-51. They were subsequently replaced by more modern He-111, Ju-87 and Bf-109 (which actually passed the test, and therefore in the Legion there were many civil aviation personnel). Tank units of the Legion were armed with 180 PzKpfw I (according to Soviet terminology, T — 1) — light tanks, armed with twin machine guns. German instructors trained the crews for them from the Spaniards. Then it was used several dozen captured Soviet T-26. Anti-tank battery were armed with guns caliber 37 mm. the First German aircraft began the Spanish campaign in early August 1936, when they helped to transport soldiers Franco from Morocco to Spain. Over the next months the German military aid increased rapidly. November 3, 1936, these units were officially combined into the Condor Legion under the command of major-General Hugh Sperrle, the chief of staff was Oberst-Lieutenant Wolfram von Richthofen. The Legion had in its composition of about 100 planes and 4,500 volunteers. All aircraft, with the exception of the dive bomber Ju-87 "Stuka" and also the gear was left by the Germans in aid of the army of the nationalists and Franco (on arms which came after the war and captured Soviet aircraft models). In 1998, the German Parliament decided on a ban to call military installations names of soldiers of the Legion. However, until 2005 the 74th fighter wing of the Luftwaffe bore the name Werner Molders, the best ACE of the pilots of the Legion

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