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Member's Cross of the Order of the Templars, USA

25 $
XX century
The original.
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25 $
Dating:XX century
The original.

Heavy metal, stamping, enamel. The original cross is in excellent condition. On the original shoe. Guarantee of authenticity.


The medieval Knights Templar Order, or Templars, created in the era of the Crusades, ceased to exist at the beginning of the XIV century, however, four hundred years later, European Freemasons declared it their predecessor. The Order was "recreated" as one of the directions of Freemasonry, differing from the others in the membership procedure, reminiscent of the medieval one, and the requirement of confession of faith in the Holy Trinity. "Knight" swords have become one of the mandatory attributes of the vestments of the members of the Order. In Europe, the Order was most active in France, England and Germany. Its current official name is the United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta, but everywhere the Order is known as the "Templars". Separate divisions of the Templar Order, called preceptoriums or commanderies, operate under the jurisdiction of the Grand and Supreme Priory, often through an intermediate level - the Provincial Priory.

The history of the Order of Templars in the United States of America began on August 28, 1769, when William Davis was knighted in the royal lodge of the Ark of St. Andrew. Subsequently, the order became so widespread that by the end of 1930 there were 1,716 commanderies (branches) with 434,000 members in the USA. The American Templars are part of the so–called York, or American Charter - a collection of several independent Masonic orders operating in the New World. According to legend, it got its name from the city of York, where the first meetings of English Freemasons took place.

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