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The ritual Sword of the Order of Columbus

987 $
1900- 1920- ies.
The original.
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987 $
Dating:1900- 1920- ies.
The original.
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The blade is steel, straight, double-edged, without dales, rhombic in cross-section, nickel-plated, with a pronounced fifth. The blade is fitted with a leather gasket that fits snugly to the crosspiece. On the heel of the blade there is an etched brand of the manufacturer, made in the form of aninscription "The Pettibone Bros. MFG Co Cincinnati Ohio». The blade is decorated on both sides with etched ornaments of a symbolic and narrative nature (the Maltese cross, a knight in armor, a cross in a crown, scenes of military campaigns, the silhouette of X. Columbus with a flag, etc.); also on the blade there is an etched inscription "Walter B. Wallare" — the name of the former owner of the sword. The hilt consists of a handle and a massive crosspiece. The handle is wooden, spindle-shaped, black in color; a metal cross is mounted on the front side. The pommel is metal, shaped, a knight's helmet with a lowered visor. The crosspiece is metal, curly, straight with the ends in the form of triangles. Relief images of X are applied on both sides of the crosshair. Columbus in profile. The scabbard is metal, nickel-plated. The device of the scabbard is cast, metal, consists of a narrow mouth, two elongated curly clips with rings for suspension (the upper one has two rings, the lower one has one) and a curly tip with a shoe. All parts of the device are fixed with single screws on the back of the sheath case. The surface of the device parts is covered with a complex cast ornament reproducing the symbolism of the Order (X. Columbus, a shield with a red enameled cross, armor, a red enameled cross in a crown, a Maltese cross, a knight's helmet with a lowered visor); also the abbreviation "CT" (?) is applied.


the item is in a very good collector's condition.

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