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The cleaver is a Swiss sapper soldier 's model of 1842

1909 year.
The original.
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Dating:1909 year.
The original.

Общая длина без ножен: 674 мм.
Длина клинка: 524 мм.
Ширина клинка у пяты: 41.6 мм.
Длина ножен: 532 мм.


The blade is steel, straight, single-edged, flat, without dales. The blade has a saw on the butt. The combat end is double-edged. The hilt is solid cast, brass, "Roman" type, consists of a crosspiece and a handle. The ends of the crosspiece are straight and end in curves. The handle is barrel-shaped with transverse grooves. The handle head is oval with a ball on top. The scabbard is steel, with a spring-loaded insert mouth and a fixed bracket.


    • The heel of the blade on the right: "+" — the brand of the Swiss military acceptance; the inscription "Waffenfabrik Neuhausen" // "FW+" - the brand of the company "Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft" NEUHAUSEN.

    • The heel of the blade on the left: "33565" - the stamp of army acceptance, the number of the cleaver; "09" - the date of manufacture of the cleaver, acceptance into service.

    • The crosspiece of the handle on the right: "3334 V" — the stamp of inspection acceptance.


the item is in good collectible condition.


 «Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft» NEUHAUSEN. The first steps of the SIG Sauer arms manufacturing company are connected with the Swiss Wagon Factory company, created in 1853 by Friedrich Per, Heinrich Moser and Konrad Neer. After the company took first place in the competition of the Swiss Federal Ministry of Defense, it received a contract for the production of 30,000 copies of smoothbore weapons. After some time, the company changed its name to "Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG)" ("Swiss Industrial Company"). In the 1970s, SIG Sauer began work on the design of short-barreled weapons, the distinctive feature of which was excellent quality and reasonable price. Swiss laws restrict the production of firearms, so those who seek to expand their business need to look for partners abroad. As for the company "SIG", the German company "Sauer & Sohn" became their partner. The partners began producing their first weapons in 1975 (SIG Sauer SIG P220). Before the Second World War, Sauer was mainly engaged in the production of shotguns and hunting rifles. During the war, they produced short-barreled weapons, the Sauer 38H pistol, but then stopped this activity. Having entered into a partnership with the company "SIG", Sauer returned to the market of short-barreled weapons. Today, SIG Sauer is the largest of the five companies and one of the largest arms manufacturers in the world. It is also ahead of many well-known manufacturers in terms of the pace of development in the United States. It has expanded its production methods and increased sales by 50 percent since 2005. SIG Sauer recently increased the number of factory employees by 3 times, and also invested $ 18 million in cutting-edge production equipment.


The cleaver was used in the Swiss army until the beginning of the twentieth century. It was almost completely copied from the French cleaver model 1831, except for the shape of the blade – the Swiss used a saw on the butt of the blade.

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