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French ceremonial cleaver of the Ministry of Commerce

1810 - ies.
The original.
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Dating:1810 - ies.
The original.

Extremely rare cleaver in satisfactory collector's condition. This type of cleaver appeared in France at the end of the XVIII century. The most characteristic representative of this family was the cleaver of the students of the Mars school. In addition to it, a large number of different departments, educational institutions, etc. ordered such ceremonial cleavers, which are extremely difficult to attribute, since almost no written sources have been preserved, and copies of cleavers themselves are extremely rare. In this case, the presence of a caduceus allows you to attribute the owner of the cleaver to a representative of the medical profession or trade. The Greek word "caduceus" was the magic wand of the messenger of the Greek gods Hermes, entwined with two snakes. In Roman mythology, mercury used the wand to make peace between two fighting snakes. The caduceus became a General medical symbol in the Renaissance, this is due to the fact that in the XVI century alchemy began to develop, the patron of which was Hermes. The main goal of the alchemists of this time was to obtain medicines. Alchemists put a seal with the image of Hermes on vessels with medicinal preparations. The rod, entwined with two snakes, combines several symbolic elements: the Central rod symbolizes the Tree of Life; the double spiral formed by snakes is a symbol of duality, snakes are the forces of the earthly and otherworldly worlds, life and death.

The blade is steel, straight, double-edged, with three lobes: two short ones are parallel to each other in the upper part, one long one is lower in the center of the blade. On the heel of the blade with one hand to read the mark of the maker – gun factory in Klingenthal, on the other hand, a number of brands acceptance and Polosatiy date of manufacture of the goods – 181. year. The hilt consists of a cast brass handle and a crosspiece. The handle is covered with a scaly ornament. The scabbard is wooden, covered with red leather, with a brass device. On one side of the scabbard is a brass image of the caduceus-the emblem of medicine and trade.


the item is in good collector's condition. Scuff marks on the scabbard and blade. Traces of corrosion on the blade.

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