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Order of the Legion of Honor of the USA degree "Legionnaire"

113 $
the second half of the twentieth century
The original.
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113 $
Dating:the second half of the twentieth century
The original.

The original order is in excellent collector's condition. Bronze, gilding, polishing, enamel. On the original shoe. Guarantee of authenticity.


The Order of the Legion of Honor (English Legion of Merit) is a US military award awarded to servicemen of the US Armed Forces, as well as to servicemen of friendly states, for exceptional and outstanding merits and achievements in service in an emergency situation. Proposals to establish an award for merit in emergency situations have been received since 1937. However, it was only after the United States entered World War II that this idea was realized. On December 21, 1941, it was proposed to establish a Medal of Merit. On April 3, 1942, this project was submitted to the US Secretary of Defense for consideration, while the original name was changed to the Legion of Honor. On July 20, 1942, the US Congress approved the project. The new award was planned to be awarded to the military personnel of the United States and the Philippine Commonwealth, as well as the military personnel of the allied countries in World War II. On October 29, 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt approved the regulations on the award, according to which it should be awarded on behalf of the President of the United States. In 1943, the authority to award U.S. military personnel was transferred to the Department of Defense. The Legion of Honor Order for awarding US military personnel is not divided into degrees and exists in a single degree ("legionnaire"). The award is mainly intended for general and senior officer ranks, but in special cases it can also be awarded to junior ranks.

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